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Model Exclusive Kits

  • Our Model Exclusive Kits are designed exclusively for each make and model of snowmobile. This makes the kit easy to install plus it looks like a factory installed part.
  • Lefty’s Offers 5 Throttle Blocks, Cable Adapters and a specially designed Finger Trigger Throttle Lever that can also be used with your thumb.

Installed, the Lefty’s throttle lever points strait down and won’t get in your way when you are not using it.

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  • Artic Cat Kits

Kit Features

  • Kit comes complete & can be installed in as little as 25 Minutes
  • Individually designed kits for most brands of snowmobiles
  • Most parts are CNC machined from billet aluminum
  • Sealed cable, that will help keep water & ice out of the inside
  • Fully adjustable by the right side cable adapter
  • Smooth & easy to pull like the factory throttle does
  • Kit comes pre-assembled

Made In America

More About Model Exclusive Kits

How it works:  When you pull the Lefty’s throttle it pulls the right side throttle down. When you pull the right side throttle it will not activate the Lefty’s throttle. This design is the safest because it does not interrupt or tie into any of the factory throttle mechanism.

Most parts are CNC machined from solid blocks of billet aluminum and then anodized black with the Lefty’s logo anodized in silver. This gives our left hand throttle kit a professional look that will not be mistaken for any other. All fasteners and cables are made of stainless steel so they will not corrode or rust.

We use a smooth plastic core on the inside of the cable housing and an outer cable seal on the right side to keep all water and ice out of the inside of the cable. This helps prevent the cable from freezing or sticking.

The Lefty’s cable is also fully adjustable by the right side Cable Adapter which is what secures the cable onto the right side of the handle bar. The Cable Adapter also makes these left hand throttles smooth and easy to pull. The reason is that the cable housing is secured between two solid points and cannot flex or move which takes the spongy feeling out, and makes the Lefty’s throttle feel and pull in the same relation as the factory throttle does. The Cable Adapter is not used on any other brand of left hand throttle. All this makes Lefty’s the finest and highest quality dual throttle kit on the market.

Using this kind of USA made quality will make your Lefty’s kit outlast your snowmobile and will work and look good year after year.

Lefty’s kits have been tested by Snowest magazine and Snow Tech Magazine yielding excellent reviews. They said it is a “must have product.”

Dealer sales available direct from Lefty’s, through Western Power Sports, or Hi-Performance Engineering.